Designed by Doctors
for better protection.

Not all face masks are created equal and Sotero+ masks by Respond Global are equal to none.

As borders within Australia reopen and the population starts moving around again, now is not the time for complacency – we must remain alert and be prepared to co-exist with the COVID-19 virus for at least the next 18 months.

Face masks are an important line of defence to stop the spread when community transmission is high, especially when you can’t maintain a physical distance of 1.5m from others, for example when travelling on public transport or aeroplanes.

Designed in collaboration with Dr Ian Norton, an infectious disease outbreak response specialist, Sotero+ fabric face masks are intended to reduce the risk of inhaling or transmitting droplets and aerosols that may contain respiratory viruses.

As recommended by the WHO, Sotero+ face masks have three protective layers that include an inner knitted layer for extra filtration. They are perfect for the warm Australian climate being made from a soft high-quality bamboo mix that is gentle on the skin, even in humid conditions.

Its ergonomic and comfortable design, with adjustable soft straps, helps to decrease the risk of someone touching their face or mask by reducing the need to constantly adjust it. Washable and re-usable, Sotero+ face masks are also kinder to the environment than single-use disposable masks.

You won’t know you’re wearing a Sotero+ face mask – simply put it on and forget about it.


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Triple Layer Protection


Lightweight & Washable

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